1000's small stones have looked the surface that 1000's feet should have done. Neat edges and a surface that is already matte worn is the result.
Tough and beautiful.

Tumbled Limestone
Reclaimed terracotta 25x12,5 cm now in stock ❤️
Stiltje's own wood collection now in stock. This is Castle dark. Oak compatible with floor heating.
Bathroom designed by @ kitchenandbeyond.se. We have the best clients 👌
Bathroom designed by @johanisraelson for @arkitektriket. We have the best clients 👌
Amazing Zellige flooring under production.
We now have gray tumbled in stock.
Terracotta star flooring
Perfectly tiled A Mano flooring at @helenepali 👌. We have the best clients 🙏🏻
Picture with our Dark Brushed Marble from @insideinteriorstories. We have the best clients.
Our own oak flooring collection
Stockholm showroom. Welcome to visit us at Artillerigatan 29
Stockholm showroom. Welcome to visit us at Artillerigatan 29
Stockholm showroom. Welcome to visit us at Artillerigatan 29
Smashing black marble
Our new glazed terracotta
Our pink marble fishbone is in stock.
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Handmade tiles where the variation in color and texture makes every square meter a work of art.

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Mallorca party 5- Like coming home.

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