Mallorca Part 1

We take it well from the beginning. From the first love in the island of Mallorca at the beginning of March 2017. I had never been to Mallorca and was a little skeptical of something that could be called "Mallis". We had friends who bought houses at this "Mallis" and I thought we could go there and peek to get all my preconceived sentences confirmed otherwise. I needed a few days away. Because I find it hard to be unemployed, we booked impressions of 5-6 houses during these two days we were going to holiday.

We landed at "Mallis" and picked up the rental car. And then we started going. And Mallis never gets Mallis for me. All I admire, I can not have a snake name for. Mallorca takes time and say and melt as in the mouth. Celebrities and traditions according to. Exactly as I understood Mallorca. I was enticed.

So many different natural habitats on such a small spot. From the amazing mountains to the west to savannah, similar landscapes in the middle and then mountains again in the East (now I did not see ALL this the first time we were there, so I did the events a little in advance, but what I saw was enough. I thought). And then the houses ... .. I became completely in love with the houses. And even in early March, the sun shines so that you can lapa energy in your frozen body. So we went alive and lusted in for house viewing. I had obviously done research carefully before we left but I did not understand how the brokers in Mallorca worked ...... Not really like in Sweden. In Spain, the same object can be represented by 5-6 brokers. All objects have sea views and huge potential. All. So it's about having the tongue right in the mouth and I did not of course. We looked at 3 items the first day. All with no sea view and lack of potential. Everyone was quite angry and the broker was not very interested in Swedes with limited budget and answered quite a bit about our questions when she realized we were not multi-millionaires.
Day two had about 5 views booked. First an old stone house, a finca. I was disturbed and when I fell in love, I can not stop myself. Of course, I offered bids on the stump and set the views on the other houses. Thought and everything. The broker showed nice drawings on how the item would be when it was renovated and clear. How the whole project was clear and planned. Only a few walls, water, sewers, electricity and other small petits were taken. But because there was a PROJECT, this would soon be resolved. So we bid and got the item. Fine. Went home to cold Sweden, I was sure I owned a stone house in Mallorca and the flight home for my part was of course going to decorate the house.

some windows o doors are not in place yet

My careful husband (said to complement each other in a marriage ...) had read warning texts about house purchases in Spain and continued it after we got home and waited for the OPTION TO BUY contract. The contract where ALL will be written and checked and when this is written, you as a buyer can not pull you out without losing your deposit (about 10%). This option to buy contract was waiting for some time while I climbed the walls (and bought furniture adapted to the house. Just a parenthesis) and my husband read the warning texts. There is a clear statement that you should have a lawyer at everybody in Spain, and let an architect check both houses, owner relationships, and almost everything about the house before signing on an option to buy contract. Sad. But, my dear little wife, so I asked the broker to quickly fix a lawyer and architect so that we could finish this little project after the fine drawings ever. The lawyer only pays if the deal is locked and the thought struck me that it was a bit strange considering that it was precisely this one who would make sure everything was correct and correct. But as I said I was in love. The only one to pay BEFORE the deal is locked is the Architect and this person is consequently the only one you can think of faithfully.

We got a lawyer and architect and architect. Which one should rely on. Made his report.

Big tears and broken heart when we read this report. The house was no house without a barn. Fine, I said, I live in the barn no problem. But not. In a barn you can not live. You do not have to enter water, sewers, etc, and even in my in love state, it may not be that smart to buy straight away with 4 children and little family responsibilities.

So, can we do this PROJECT? We are writing an "Option to buy" contract with that paragraph that we can pull out if we can not make the barn a house. We pay the costs and we take the time it takes and awaits the decision. Sounds sunny and pretty nice in my ears. But not here we first meet the Majorcan economic mind team.
If it takes time to get the house to a house and not a barn (which in itself sellers always said it was). Then the price of the house could go up in the meantime. Then the seller loses money claiming them. Yes And we who pay for their barn to become a house and as in fact at this stage (some rounds and surveys later, we are now in May ......) is not even sure that it can be a house.

My wise man who is not particularly in love with or inferior or likes things is smashing and amazing and whose mood is quite stable takes us slowly but safely against Mallorca party 2. No deal is possible with the merchants and the ladder as a house can only be sold as a barn.

I slowly start looking at new ads but with little little enthusiasm. I will never never find a new house (please note i have spent a total of 48 hours in Mallorca and although I'm fast I have not been on the whole island ......)
We book a trip to end my unhappy love. I'm going there and crying I think.

Please wait before you complain about spelling mistakes and meaning building. I'm dyslexic and soon 50 is quite happy despite it. But I can not learn. My brain is an inferno and letters as well as right and left hovering as well as free. Everyone is good at different things and you are good at language. I know I'm sick of it.

Best regards from Pamela Moëll

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2 comments on "Mallorca Part 1"

  1. Too bad now I have read all three sections backwards but it did nothing !!!!!!!!!!!

    Enjoyable reading with a big smile on your lips !!!!

    What woman does not recognize in your description of love where "everything" is going to fix ... (yes, at the beginning then !!)

    Later to hear about it eventually became a house purchase? (will it be a part of 4?)


    PS. I have friends who just emigrated (yes, actually) to "Mallis" and bought a type of newly built townhouse inside Palma because the wife has no driving license.
    They easily read (read hysterically) stressed before they got away ... and that's probably not because of moving in there without trying to empty and sell an apartment in Stockholm on 150kvm and type "sync" with the departure itself ....
    Has not been updated how the arrival of "Mallis" has gone but I look forward to greeting during spring !!!

  2. I biught my little paridise house in Sardinia (IT) in 2016 and reconise it all ...
    it happly ende and proud I sticked to it :) ..
    I continue reading further to parth 4 :)!

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