Mallorca party 2- Perhaps I would have been a follower.

Fincan on the image wants to be anonymous.

If you remember the stated atmosphere from Part 1, this is where we find ourselves when we book weekend number 2 in Mallorca. New items would be looked at and new parts of Mallorca would be detected. Absolutely without enthusiasm on my part, but in my case, my husband was very determined that it was just Mallorca he wanted to be on.

So in May we started trip 2 and this time we had the most items on the eastern side of the island. An amazing part of mountain more in my dimension (not so hard to drive) and a landscape like Tanzania that I only expected a giraffe to pop up on the road. We started by looking at some items that convinced me that my fears about never finding my dream house were confirmed. Wonderful pictures and words from brokers but the truth was so far from the realm of real estate you can come. Stunning view could be in a pit and climbed on a nearby hill, if possible, you could have a little view. The discussion with my husband continued during the journey. Italy should be. I have said that last week, I have said, and a whole week in my world is eternity.

Lastly, we would look at an item that was beyond our budget. Just to see how it looks when it's out of budget .... That should be taken care of. Soooo clear I got up over my ears in love with this hugely beautiful finca. The farm was at the height of 200 m and the ground enclosed a mountain above the 400 m height. The view was really all over Mallorca. I saw myself walking up to the top and looking out over my possessions in a new well-trained slim body (this vision got after a walk across the field - not up to 400 m but maybe 300 mi 35 degrees heat a small reservation. these promenades that made me fit might be more appropriate).

After this view we went to the Mallorca party 1 house to see that we really would not spend more time and effort at that house and condemn my surprise when it was a GREAT way just outside the house. My husband claims it was there for the first time we watched and I have to admit it did not look particularly newly built. I had just avoided looking that way.

Now aware of this road, I persuaded my husband that we could certainly afford this high over our budget house. We would rent out, save and then interest rates were so low .... The love was great and I counted and counted. Do you know how to count when you fall in love? Not so good.
Full of argument I was and we bid. And that's when I realized I chose the wrong industry. We would probably buy the house but we would then bring a large portion of the purchase price into a plastic bag. Yes ha. Dear as I was, I called the bank and asked for my retirement savings. In a plastic bag. Not said nicke. It did not work.
My husband printed warning texts from the internet that you should NOT give cash money at a house shop in Spain. Not in any case. Not even if the house in question is on a mountain and is the most beautiful house on earth. It should be added that even this house lacked some amenities such as electricity and water. But is it just picturesque? Surely people want to rent such houses extra much? . And actually in the end, when the bank said no and my husband convinced me through calculations what happens if the interest rate is raised (sad him) I became most angry. Who I was most angry with, I do not want to go into this one, but I can say that there were scattered rags of anger.

During this time, the Mallorca party 2 was going on, I had carefully explained all possible careers where this kind of money fluctuates but none of them lay directly for me and I simply felt too old to change my course. As soon as I arrived, there was a drug addict that I thought could have nice bi effects on the fall of the autumn. I might also be able to cultivate the product on my mountain in Mallorca. Two flies on the bang so to speak.

I understand that through this blog, I completely destroy my opportunities to ever get poisoned so we are deeply hoping that my husband is standing out.

Part 3 follows ....

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