Mallorca party 4-The time when I would be a nice little lady

After a long time, I feel the inspiration to write again. The sections can be read individually or sequentially.

Now I'll tell you about that time I tried to be a good wife. Please look like a warning example.

I'm going to where I finished Mallorca party 3. We had just finished the view of the house at the cicadas at the 600 m elevation in the Tramuntana Mountains. Wonderful beautiful but I can admit it was in the loneliest team. I also thought of heart attacks and other things that might happen to us at the age of autumn when we planned to settle there permanently. That we would only like the situation to die on the mountain. Getting down to the village or even worse at a hospital would be impossible. A little practical you have to be. Unfortunately.

The next destination was one of these exclusive villages along Majorca's western coast. It is wonderfully beautiful and enormously magnificent. I had found a house that was at our price level there (yes maybe a little over, but in some know when you bought something very very very much, you easily raise your head for the next purchase). At any rate in the price level we could buy it without selling the children.
I would already have thought of it.

Parentheses. On the way you can mention that we would look at another house. Looked really beautiful in the brochure. The location is beautiful and with amazing views. We went back and forth in the village and did not understand how we constantly missed the house which was excellent on the map. Very strange. Until we looked carefully at one of the houses that had the back all the way to the main road. Not a meter between road and house. Could it be? Neeej Then do they have to write something in the description? We slowed in and, of course, it was the house. I called the broker and said we did not need any view. Imagine the time that both brokers and customers are throwing away the brokers omitting such incredibly important information. This was also a Swedish broker. Different countries - different rules. I was angry and disappointed.

Finally our paradise ...

Back to the goal of this story.

The house was really amazing on the edge of the cliff without anything in front of the sea. The house itself was really ok and could be cleaned aesthetically. So I gave my husband authority to go all the way into the survey. The broker gave us the key and left us in the house all by ourselves. We have to look pretty cute as a family even though I wrote about Mallorca Part 2 was so close to getting into wrong circles.
The happiness was perfect and we could not understand how such a finding could be made.

The broker removed and my husband began to investigate the underground work. I thought it smelled a little strange in the house, but it's another country and so close to the sea it's clear that there's a little damp. My sad man immediately began to scratch on the beautiful color and judgment of my surprise when it trembled in great shock. At least touch in principle. When you started pushing the nice walls, they gave up as if they were cement. Murken cement. The floor tiles were loose with the exception of the joint set there to secure them after they were unloaded.

This is what is called a HAPPY HOUSE.

It is now the unbelievable thing happens. My husband is the construction engineer had become KÄÄÄRR. In the house then. He informed me that we would fix this. You support and straighten and dig and seal. Easy as pie. MY MAN the restrained cautious. Suddenly it happens. In any case, we understood why the house was not foolish like the other houses in the village. Should we be able to bargain we would almost afford.

I'm not a bad wife and you look at the pictures and you will forgive my stupidity. I went alive and lusted into the negotiation with the broker. The broker as at the costly and sacred conversation (Spanish broker) that there was no problem at all to fix the house. He even had his own construction company who could undertake the job so it was a trifle with the renovation. You get a little light blown in the head of house shops. Slightly the same problem I have with expensive shoes online. The figures are not real. Not as real as when the interest rate is due late. It is obvious that it is ok.

Is it a little mold I see ....

So I gave bids. Judging by my surprise when they accepted the bid without a crush. We were happy and went out for good dinner and bowl (note that this is still the same day). The peace of happiness was perfect.

A good night's sleep can often ruin the most colorful dreams. When I woke up in the morning, I had a big knot in my stomach. I could not do this. Something was crazy. You call it stomach feeling and you should not underestimate it. It is mentioned here that my husband apparently did not sleep as well but was still euphoric about our future house.
The day went by and the stomach became more and more determined. We did not look at any houses and the children were happy and happy. When the evening came, I was in the stomach. It was possible to complete this. I informed my husband who was still believing that he had made an important decision in the family to unfortunately not be the case. He may save it to another time in the future. The one who spared he tried to spit him up with ...

You can call yourself to the broker and say this says my evil man. He is otherwise usually much better on people in general and angry people in particular.

But I understood that sound was the best and I called the broker (I am now ashamed when I acknowledge this for you) and said we were backing. I usually never pull myself out and I do something, so I'm blamed for it, but I blame my husband in this case. It was still the man who leaned Eve paradise. The story only repeats (so between us I can say that I do not intend to be a little bit more wife more times but we can keep it a little bit secret). I did not tell anything about the stomach that talked and so on, but just waving us out. Angry broker (obviously. Although I like this in the rearview mirror, he fooled us pretty much. Almost) and disappointed. But the stomach was calm and nice and sometimes it's the main thing.

The man got kisses and promised new attempts. As well as not forgetting that he had his important decision, I could still use something else, I was happy.
I can regret now when he wants to buy a cabin on a mountain. Yes, nothing like that in a mountain and no "such" cabin, but a small box on the calf mountain without electricity and water where he can fish.

We shoot it in the future, I think ....

Now I promise that it will not be long for Mallorca party 5. Then I thanked my stomach 100 fell.

What is a ball at the castle…..

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