Mosaic of glass

Now it's in stock. Stiljes selected series of glass mosaics. Handmade by recycled glass. Each piece of glass as a piece of jewelry. Matte or with shine. These mosaics are largely transparent and become very different depending on the color of the fix used. Some have experimented with and display images with different color of the fix. Fits well with other materials, stone, Tadellakt and brick. Both for floors at lighter load and wall of course.

Fabulous tile

Inlaid brick that looks like sneaky jeans. Never have we seen anything so beautiful. handmade with a special technique and stained with natural pigments. We are very proud to represent these products in Sweden Brick A Mano. Handmade. Of course, there are wonderful bricks in several colors. White, just ask to name a few. Available in stores at the end of January 2017.

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Many cooks ...

... sometimes makes an excellent soup. The kitchen company Pickyliving, who uses IKEA stems as a basis and then hottens them in the best possible way. Here a kitchen with flaps in smoked oak with gold handle. On the floor Fine-grid soft gray from Stiltje. Styling good Stockholms duon danieli / tempelman (former Stiltje Stockholm) and photo: Henrik Nero.

Beyond Kitchen

Stiltje is proud to present a collaboration with the unique kitchen shop Kitchen and Beyond at Erik Dahlbergsgatan 3 in Gothenburg. Everything is hand picked and selected in the smallest detail. Kitchen with no other punch. Visit their showroom

Picture from fantastic by F. Hansson
Picture from fantastic by F. Hansson
Picture from fantastic by F. Hansson
Picture from fantastic by F. Hansson
Picture from fantastic by F. Hansson
Picture from fantastic by F. Hansson

Not a regular wooden floor

Stiltjes ekgolv is not as usual hardwood floors. The surface is machined so that each plank is unique. Like our most beautiful stones. We have developed wooden floors that will match our most beautiful stones. Four colors we have selected Castle Dark, Castle Light, Slate Gray and Pale Gray. All equally beautiful. On the pictures an absolutely wonderful home with the floor Castle Dark. I've said it before and say it again. Style has amazing customers.

castrledark166web castrledark164web castrledark161 castrledark163web

Sheet slate

A revolution for the interior designer. 2-3 mm slate (real stone) mounted on fiberglass. Shipped in sheets of 60 × 60 cm or 120 × 60 cm. A bit like wallpaper sizing, pasting and cutting with sheet saws. Cover a dull tile, overlay the sink. Just the imagination stops. Available in 7 different skate types.

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Fishbone in new design

In unique Style design (clear) the new stone Fishbone dark. A brushed marble. A new favorite classic stone in modern design. Black gray base with white marble, the plates vary quite a lot in a beautiful way. Soft brush surface and straight edges. Can be used both on floor and wall and put in many different patterns.

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Fish Dark Brushed Marble

Wonderful home

The most fun we know is when our floors come to beautiful homes. This time we had the privilege of photographing TUMBLED SOFT GRAY in an absolutely beautiful kitchen. The only problem is that I'm so crazy about moving or renovating every time I come home like these.

Here you can see more about Tumbled Soft Gray, which is one of Stiltje's new favorites.

Tumbled Soft Gray

Soft Gray Tumlad Soft gray torn Soft Gray Tumbled home1 home2

Hotel Neptune Copenhagen

Wonderful Hotel in Central Copenhagen as used Stiltjes Wooden Floor Slate Gray in all common areas, lifts, etc. Incredibly nice. We recommend a visit there not only for the floor's sake but because it is an incredibly cozy hotel.

neptun3 neptun2 neptun1

Artillery Street 29, Stockholm

Now we have opened !! Welcome to squeeze and know Stiltje's material.

Here are some pictures from the store. The shop is open Wednesday-Thursday and Friday 11-18 as well as Saturday 11-14

Well met Sussi Norberg wishes.