Fish cement in new stylish shape

Style now launches Fish Cement. The shape is a classic form previously used for tiles, but we have now done it in our High quality cement especially for floors. Of course, it can also be placed on the wall. Fish is available in 2 different gray colors that can be used individually or together. Even the single-colored plate has a beautiful variation between the plates so it does not look flat. As we like at Stiltje.

Find the floor here:

Fish Light Gray

Style looking for employees

We are looking for responsible seller for Stiltje's new store in Stockholm

Are you passionate about interior design, shape and color. Do you want to work with unique materials in a constantly developing store where our goal is to be first with the new one. Do you want to work with the chief architects and interior designers.
You are on sale and are willing to learn about all our products. You have a great sense of responsibility and like order and reason.

  • The service is approximately 25 hours / week.
  • You are the head of the store and work as one in our small team.
  • Start 1 March 2016

The application must be submitted no later than 15 January 2016

Or letter to:

Moell & Moell AB
Wilhelmsberg's farm
27292 Simrishamn

Call if you have questions: Pamela Moell 073-7606686


In order to provide a good picture of our products to customers who have a long time or lack of time, we can offer rent by PROV PALL.
We have 3 different test platforms and these contain as follows. The sizes on the plates are varied so you can see all sizes and colors. You can see the stones in the right environment and quietly choose other materials and colors.
The stone comes well packed and will be shipped back in the same way. Slate and brick will be surface treated so that you can see the final surface of the material.

If you want samples on tiles or paint, we will send it free with the pallet. Notify us of any samples you wish when ordering or ask us to take some beautiful colors for just the material you wish to try. We do this interior service for free to get a beautiful home.


1 sqm Gray dull limestone (60x40x2 cm)

1 sqm Gray finely ground limestone (60x30cm)

1 sqm Creme Tumble Limestone (40x40x2 cm)

1 sqm Cream Finished Limestone (60x30cm)

1 Kvm Turtle Tumble Limestone (40x40x2 cm)

1 sqm Turtle Finished Limestone (60x30cm)

1 sqm Soft Gray Tumble limestone (60x40x2 cm)

1 sqm soft Gray fine-grinded limestone (60x30cm)

Weight 350 kg RENTAL including shipping to you and back 14 000 kr. When returning undamaged goods, 12 000 is refunded. When purchasing over 30 sqm, the cost 2000 kr will automatically be deducted.


1kvm Twilight Shaved Slate (40 × 40 cm)

1 sqm Autumn Sea Shaved Slate (40 × 40 cm)

1 sqm Just Black Kluven Slate (60 × 30 cm)

1 sqm Dimma Abrasive Slate (30 × 30 and 40 × 20 cm)

Weight 150 kg RENTAL including shipping to you and back 4500 kr. When returning undamaged goods, 3000 is refunded. When purchasing over 30 sqm, the cost 1500 kr will automatically be deducted


1 sqm RUTA handmade brick 20 × 20

1 sqm Reclaimed 15 × 15 cm RED

1 sqm Reclaimed Hexagon PASTEL

1 sqm Reclaimed Fishbone MIX

Weight 150 kg RENTAL including shipping to you and back 5000 kr. When returning undamaged goods, 3500 is refunded. When purchasing over 30 sqm, the cost 1500 kr will automatically be deducted


Stable flooring for stylish hooves

Stunning stable! with our Star flooring. This flooring works well since it will not get slippery and it's so much fun to sweep! Why not spruce up the floor under your horses' feet, now that we have BARGAIN prices on terracotta tile floors.

Marble in bathrooms

Stiltje launches its new collections in Carrara Marble.

"We wanted our Marble to be simple and traditional in style and so we decided to produce our own line to achieve this. The surface is matt and what we consider to be marbled 'just right'. Sizes are 40 × 30 and 20 × 10, classic dimensions that you can do a lot with. We have also ordered the production of a wonderful molding that we simply love !!

We hope you do too.

Mugs and more mugs

Oh so stylish!

Toilet stalls all in a row with FLASTER . Kan det bli bedre enn dette?

Tadelakt on walls

Do not bother to tile all the way up your walls! Choose Tadelakt in one of our 50 colors. We now have samples at the kit, allowing you to try out this technique for yourself. Make a stylish table or ......

Coolest wall in town ....

We are proud to represent IVANKAS products in Sweden. They are at the forefront of design and function of cement products in the world. All products hold 1 classic quality.
Here PANELS presents a fantastic tool for all design fittings that can be used both interior and exterior. Many flexible solutions exist for companies with LOGO production and own colors. The panels are in the most prestigious showrooms in Europe. The pictures show, for example, the YSL and Bang Olofsen showroom. KISTA GALLERIA will be the first in Sweden !!
Contact us for more information.
All products are taken home by order and the minimum amount is 10 sqm or 10 panels. Delivery time approx. 6 v.


panelsint7 Floor panel-YSL panelsint4KV panel8 panelsint8