Installation instructions

Installation Instructions

We recommend that you print these laying instructions and give to the one who will put the floors. If questions do not hesitate to call, it is much better to ask once more than once too little. Note that Stilt's recommendations on FIX and joint must be followed when tested for the floors. This according to ours sales conditions.

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Marble in bathroom

Stiltje launches its new collection in Carrara Marble.
"We want Marmor to be simple and traditional in its expression and therefore chose to produce a separate line where we find this to be met. the surface is matt and what we think is "moderately marbled". The sizes are 40 × 30 as well as 20 × 10, classic measurements that can be used extensively. We also have produced a wonderful profiles list that we just love !!

Hope you do it too

Tadelakt on the wall

Release tiles up the walls! Select Tadellakt in any of our over 50 colors. We now try kit that will allow you to try the technique yourself. Make a nice table or ......