Find your interior style PART-1 Get trendy, it's never been easier than now.

I often get questions about what's trendy and what's the "next trend". Questions that are quite inappropriate to ask me, I probably have to be considered as the most obtrusive. And yet so trendy. You assume, of course, that the previous sentence is a result of my poor language usage.
But not. The trend is just not to be so trendy (thank goodness). When I get the question, I usually answer floating and sulking because I do not have a real answer. This has led me to reflect on the issue and here comes my reflection.

Honestly, I'm not fond of trends anymore but want everything to be as it always has been. Look at this with style. Some time in 10's age, I obviously decided that olive green was my favorite color. I remember I had a pair of incredibly beautiful flannel lined pants from HM in just that color. Perhaps it's the wrong or merit of these pants that my life goes GREEN how I try to vary me. The pants were made both here and there and I remember using them until they stopped somewhere between my knees and ankles. The pants then disappeared in a mysterious way over me one night. I have since, when I became a mother, understand how this betrayal went to ... ..

To reconnect to the theme of TREND, it is so that if I go out to watch clothes, shoes, fabrics, wallpaper or even floors, it almost always ends with coming home with something green. Or greenish. If there is nothing in the store with this color (when trend settles that year, determined that just green is very untiring), I will not come home with anything at all or that I will go home with something undone as already The moment of purchase can see its future unused in powder in my wardrobe. I've always been easy to find what I like of what's on the market and maybe it makes me what they call trendsetters. Preferably green then. Maybe not more special is that.

We avoid pictures from the wardrobe. Picture Peter Carlsson

How would I then associate this with interior design and trends in interior design?
The society's trend right now - and clothes and furnishings are just a reflection of what society is like - is finding yourself. You must be unique (but not for UNIK, we will be awkward). So take the opportunity to find yourself even in your interior. It is both economical and trendy. Like organic and a little raw at once.

Everyone has a "this is me". It can be clearly crystallized in 10's age or come crawling with rising age. But everyone has something you like. A style or expression that you feel is comfortable and where you usually end up with clothes. When it comes to clothes, many are what I understand pretty safe after talking with my few friends. Almost everyone has a high back in the wardrobe with clenched clothes - or unbelievably nice hanging never use, washed or stuck is an option. So we can stop being ashamed and give the pile to more charity purposes.

Why is it so much more difficult in interior decoration? In addition, the furnishings are so important and nothing can be thrown in the rear regions of the closet if it was wrong.
Important because it is the place on earth that is yours. Your resting place where you will feel safe and breathe out. The home becomes more important and more important the faster society we get around us and the more stressed we are.
Give yourself a home for YOU. Strunta in trends and us trend nissar. At the moment, it is also trendy to just be self. Look at all books and courses about "finding yourself" as it is actually the most difficult task we have. Can not googla or hit wikipedia.

How do you do to find yourself in interior decoration? One tip is actually just opening his wardrobe. Is it elegant and classic-go for elegant and classical in affiliations. Is that Boho. Go for Boho. Is the purple - go for purple. And when I say look in the wardrobe, I mean those 10 garments that you actually use regularly, not the ones hugged at the back, which is often a dream image of yourself. I do not know how many elegant clothes I have there.
The next tip is that directly you feel at home and calm in an environment. On picture or reality. Try to figure out WHAT is what makes you calm. Are there the colors. Space. Not the space. Or some furniture. Use your stressful phone to create an "This is my folder" with pictures and notebooks so you'll see that a theme will soon be discovered. A theme that is YOU.

Then bring the folder to a good shop (eg Style) and we will help you find you in just their products. Sustainable, economical and so incredibly trendy (praise God).

Best regards from nowadays Pamela

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  1. As good as you write. Just having a personal home must be the most beautiful. It is in your home that you will enjoy and live. Not just show up. I myself make designs and design different products for home and clothing, etc. It would be fun to design wallpaper and tiles so it may be sometime. Here's my page if you want to check out some I did www / gunalfsdotter

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