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ENGLISH ORDER: Select Sweden, enter your zip code and press CALCULATED FRACT. In Sweden you can choose to pay via PAY PAL or with KLARNA

ORDERS OUTSIDE SWEDEN: Please select your country and write your postal code under shipping below then PRESS "CALCULATED FREIGHT" / UPDATE FREIGHT and your total calculated with freight. Så velg betaling ved PAYPAL og vi sender din bestilling direkte til ditt land.

Avalible countrys are NO, DK, FI, DE, FR, BE, NL and PL.

SE 0 990 1490/1900
DO NOT 200 1900 2990
DK 200 990 1900/3800
FI 200 990 2500
DE 200 990 2500
FR 200 990 2500
NL 200 990 2500
PL 200 990 2500

If any problems just email us your shopping chart to and we will send you an invoice by email.

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