Terms and Conditions

 General terms and conditions regarding the sale and delivery of Stylish products


§1. Generally
These General Terms and Conditions apply to all Stiltjes deliveries. However, the parties may agree on changes or additions to these terms in writing, for example, by quotation.


§2. Order recognition
Applies to payment of invoice paid to Style by 10 days calculated from order date. Otherwise, Stiltje has the right to cancel the order. By paying the invoice, the buyer approves the delivery and sales conditions. READ ANY TEXTS ABOUT QUALITY AND INSTRUCTIONS BEFORE BUYING TO SATISFY YOUR EXPECTATIONS.


§3. Delivery and shipping
If delivery can not be done immediately, the estimated delivery time is stated on the order receipt. Delivery delay does not entitle the Customer to damages or other compensation for any reason whatsoever. If the delivery is delayed by more than 45 days, the Customer is entitled to cancel the purchase in writing. Carrying out Stable transport of ordered products is subject to handling, packaging and shipping costs according to the current approximate price list. In case of a delayed transport cost, when problems arise through customer relieve, the customer is charged for this charge as being invoiced. Style is not responsible for delays caused by the carrier. The buyer is responsible for receipt of deliveries regarding unloading and transport. When shipping over 800kg, loads or similar are required upon delivery. Calculate 60 kg / sqm for 2 cm floor and 30 kg / sqm for 1 cm floor, brick and cement.

The customer is obliged to check the delivered quantity and any transport damage on arrival. All damage must be stated on the shipping note and promptly communicated to Stiltje and DHL.


§4. Responsibility for goods
The danger of loss or damage to the products is transferred to the Customer upon receipt or removal of the order.


§5. Cancellation
Should Customer wish to cancel already ordered products, Stiltje is entitled to charge the Customer a cancellation fee representing 20% of current order sum. Specially ordered items can not be canceled or returned. All color products and mosaics and hand-painted tiles / zellige are special orders and can not be returned or canceled. Even if items that are listed on the order are special orders can not be canceled.


§6. Rates and payment terms
Prices for ordered products are, unless agreed to by the parties in writing, by way of a quotation, they are valid for each order opportunity under Stiltjes price list. Prices apply freely Stiltjes warehouse excluding shipping. Unless otherwise stated in quotation or order recognition, payment shall be paid in cash. Invoice is paid before delivery. In case of delay with payment or part thereof, Stiltje is entitled to charge the Customer interest on late payment by 10% per month commenced. For written payment reminders and other measures aimed at inducing the Customer to pay payment for overdue debt, Stilt is entitled to compensation by law.


§7. Reservation of
If it is assumed that the Customer will not be legally fulfilling his obligations under these terms of delivery and sales, Stiltje is entitled to withdraw such products that may still be legally retrieved. The customer has, before the products have been fully paid, not entitled to disposed of them in writing without permission in such a way that Stiltje's right of withdrawal is compromised.


§8. Natural materials-Quality

All our products are more or less handmade or made of natural materials. Variations therefore occur between different parties and within a party. Goods displayed on websites and stores are examples of what the delivered product looks like. We have product information and writing about QUALITY for all our products.

Stone / brick Natural materials and color variations occur between the plates. Traces of grinding and damage to corners and corners may occur. However, the slanted slate floor that is calibrated still varies in thickness, depending on the natural character of the slate. The handmade tile varies in surface texture and the color varies different tiles. The limestone floor has different variations in calibration depending on the type.  Concrete floors are handmade and the pigments are hand mixed. Color variations between different plates are natural. Salts and traces after manufacture are found and sanded with fine sandpaper. Zellige Tiles are very uneven in both size and equilibrium. The tile is cut and tiles are often missing. The tile should be in this way and it is NOT the reason for complaint. We do NOT take in return individual plates only whole parties. Our color and tadelakt products are hand blended and variations from color samples occur and do not entitle you to complaint. For all products READ CAREFULLY PRODUCT INFORMATION AND OUR WRITING ABOUT QUALITY FOR JUST YOUR PRODUCT BEFORE BUYING



§9. Limitation of Liability
Style does not take responsibility for placing our products or damages and problems arising after laying and surface treatment or when using the products. Style advises professional craftsmen for assembly. Stiltje's recommendations with regard to laying / fixing and joint selection and surface treatment must be followed. Assembly instructions for each product can be found under FACTS at www.stiltje.se

Style does not take responsibility for applying color products or damage and problems arising after application. Style always recommends the use of wetroom craftsmen when working with stone, brick, mosaic or Tadelakt in wet areas.


§10. Unpaved goods
Stiltje is not responsible for non-picked goods and is not required to store this in addition to that stated in the order acknowledgment / invoice. Goods ordered but not satisfactorily are due to 30 days after non-payment. Style is then entitled to retain 20% of the order amount remaining payable to the buyer if contact can be obtained with this. In case of storage in addition to agreements, a fee of 100kr / month and 20 sqm is charged.


§11. Complaints and returns

Any complaints and remarks on supplied flooring materials or paint products must be made prior to use of the products no later than 7 days after receipt. The customer is obliged to check visible variations such as damage, color, etc. upon receipt of the product. No complaint of visible damage can occur after 7 days. Return of overdelivered goods is not accepted. In return, the buyer will return the return freight unless the error is Stiltjes. In case of withdrawal, Stilt will charge a fee of 20% of the order amount, as well as shipping to the customer and return shipping.


§12. Freedom of Movement (Force Majeure)
The following circumstances shall be considered as grounds for liberation in which they hinder or impede the fulfillment of these conditions: war, insurrection or riots, mobilization or unforeseen military invasions of equivalent scope, requisition, seizure, currency restrictions, general shortage of goods, shortage of means of transport, labor conflicts, restrictions on impetus, fire, failure or delay of subcontracting, due in the circumstances referred to in this paragraph, as well as any item that the parties can not afford.



All complaints must be made before installation. No complaints due to visible defects, color shifts or structure are accepted after installation. Stiltje's installation instructions must be followed.

Complaint of visible defects shall occur within 7 days from receipt of the product.