Are you looking for a floor ...

A real floor that can last for hundreds of years and just become more beautiful over the years. A floor that can withstand daily wear and tear, badly with time, family's progress and yet is beautiful and welcoming. A floor that hangs in the turns, which survives the change of style and family situations. A modern floor that is at the same time the most classic.

The floor makes the home, we say. That, of course, is not true. It is the people who live in the home that create its soul and feeling. But nothing probably helps that much and is as permanent as the choice of floor.

That's why it's so important.

We have made the choice a little easier for you. We have searched all over the world for floor and wall materials that are not similar to what you find with others. Things we want in our homes. Which takes out the turns a little more but which fits in with the term Stiltje. We interpret the style as still and persistently. As a home should be.

You can see most things here on our website, but if you visit one of our stores, the probability is high that something completely new has come in. It often happens that way.

One more thing: all we sell is natural materials. No stone or plate is the other completely similar. It can differ more or less in both shade and structure, from one floor to another.

And from the pictures here on the website.

This is what makes our floors so special.

Stiltje was created 2001 when the pursuit of material for a refurbishment sparked me Pamela Moëll.

I had always been interested in rock and read Geology as part of my Molecular Biologist education. I did not find anything that fit in Sweden and searched for other countries to find what I was looking for. And that's the way it is. The hunt is still going on to find the unique with the best quality.

Pamela Moell

Pamela Moëll