There are two sides on a brick plate.
Both can be used upwards. The "ruffle" that is downward in the form of manufacture or the fine wearing slats of the hand that made it.

Our handmade floor tile is for use. It is hard and durable. Each plate has been manufactured by hand, each plate is unique. Variation in color and texture creates a special feeling and gives room warmth. Stylish floor tiles are known to be very hard and are used in several public premises and restaurants. Projects we are proud of are, for example, Restaurant Bellora on the avenue in Gothenburg, which has Stiltjes Floor tile in star patterns and Restaurant The Public in Sundbyberg, which has Stilt's oblong floor tile, a tile we have developed to resemble split bricks in meters but is much easier to add and process.

There are 2 pages on a floor tile plate. One who has been lying down in the shape of the manufacturing - the rough side we call it. The other side has leaned upwards and carries traces of how to remove the plate with a spatula. Wonderful to feel and go on.

Tiled floors are linseed and waxed. Then it takes care of itself. As little cleaning agent as possible, only soap that smells so good.