Everything but simple. Sometimes
the simplest is the most beautiful of which is the name "PLAIN".

Our series PLAIN is not as simple as it may sound. These are plates that in their simple expression complement our other products in a good way. Sometimes the simplest is the most beautiful, hence the name PLAIN. Both for floor and wall.

A cement floor does not have to be as cold as it sounds. Our handmade cement slabs have wonderful warm colors and amazing patterns. You can choose to apply a single-color floor to natural-colored colors or to dissolve in a color and pattern explosion. Our plates give you the opportunity to be creative.
PLAIN cement flooring is not painted, it is an approx. 5mm stained marble cross bearing. The plates are handmade and the color variation is normal. Our floors are very fine-grained (which gives sharp contours between the colors) and hard. Cement floors are easy to handle and durable, they age beautifully and fit well with underfloor heating.

Our cement floors are easily mounted. We have facilitated the craftsmen by pretreating our plates so that they do not dirt when handling. After laying, they will be treated with STAIN STOP and POLISH to stay beautiful long, long ...