Stiltjes most exclusive stone floorings.
Each stone is chosen and hand-picked by the world's best stone craftsmen.

Our jewels. Carefully selected stones, hand processed, to produce texture and feeling that can not be found anywhere else than with really old limestone floors. Some of the world's best architects and interior designers choose these floors when they want to create a unique environment.

Limestone has been used as floor material for centuries. Enter an old church, castle or school and feel what you have under your feet. Most likely, it is a limestone floor.

Take off barefoot and feel how the surface of the stone has been characterized by the years it has been laying. How it carries traces of all the people who passed there and how it now carries is tracking you. The tumbled limestone is already worn by a thousand small stones that have removed the soft parts of the stone. Just like thousands of feet wandering over the stone should have done.

Our limestone is made from selected blocks that we are on the queue to get. All for the quality of our products to be as smooth and as good as possible. We pay a little extra for this. But it's worth it. Your new floor should be in 100 years.

Stone floors can be found in all rooms and all our stones are fitted with underfloor heating. However, one should think before laying the limestone in the shower when it then requires maintenance and will be worn.