1000's small stones have looked the surface that 1000's feet should have done. Neat edges and a surface that is already matte worn is the result.
Tough and beautiful.

Tumbled Limestone

Our limestone comes from the world's most skilled stone craftsman. These are traditions from the days of the Bible, which are continued. The stone has a soul to be produced, not taken away. We think it is the most beautiful stone in the world.

Our limestone is perhaps not the cheapest on the market. But we pay more and get the blocks sorted so that we only get the very best hardest stone with the most even color. To be sure what you get as a customer. We have many pictures on our floors and different shipment differs from each other so contact us for information which picture fits best with the shipment we have just in stock for delivery.

Stone floors can be found in all rooms and all our tiles are fitted with underfloor heating. However, one has to think before laying the limestone in the shower when it then requires maintenance and will be worn.