Dear child has many names. Tadelakt, stucco lustro, limestone methods that differ slightly with results that are very similar. They originate in different countries, hence the different names. Tadelakt in Morocco and Stucco lustro in Italy. Even in Asia, this is a common technique and many of us have met in the bathrooms in Asian hotels.

Style has a modern method of creating the ancient, traditional tadelakt surface used in the Middle East for 100's years to bump away water and moisture. It is Tadelakt as you see in many of the Turkish baths. Tadelakt is used instead of tiles in bathrooms, like decorative walls or maybe in the kitchen above the sink. Stiltjes Tadelakt consists of two putty layers (lime and tadelakt) which are as strong as the ten layers of the older method and a surface layer of olive soap. Olive sap can be polished more or less to produce a more water repellent blank Tadelakt or hold the carpet Tadelakten

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