Calcium color is a traditional color that allows the wall to breathe. Our lime paint can be used on many different types of plaster - plaster (we usually roll here) - wood but look only as beautiful and healthy for the environment and health, it can not be dried or worn as a plastic paint. Our lime colors do not fall as much as traditional lime colors and the more pigments that are found in the smaller the ones they fall.

We paint with lime paint both indoors and outdoors.

Our lime colors are mixed by hand so the color can vary slightly between different jars and different shipment. We recommend that if you get several different jars, mix them in a larger range. The calcareous color is usually diluted 20-40% depending on the color and the substrate (dark colors can be diluted).

NOTE that lime paint is BASIC and dangerous to get into the eyes and on the skin for longer contact. Wash hands quickly and carefully. All dilution and brush cleaning are done with plain water. Use both gloves and goggles! If you get calcium paint in your eyes, rinse thoroughly and contact your healthcare center.

The approach is about 8 sqm / kg, but this depends greatly on the substrate and color. Bright colors want many paint twice to cover it completely. 8 sqm / kg is calculated for a smooth - not roughly plastered, not so sucking wall. We recommend that you base with our water-based primer before painting.

Instructions for calcareous paint