For wider joints in the color Cement Gray and Gray.

60x40x2 cm stone 5mm joint 0.8 kg / sqm
40x40x2 cm stone 5 mm joint 0.9kg / sqm
20x20x2 cm stone 5mm joint 1,8 kg / sqm

60x30x1 cm stone 3 mm joint 0,3 kg / sqm

Cement gray: Between gray and brown tone
Gray: Gray

Product Description

- Especially for granite ceramics on balconies and terraces
- For joint widths between 2-15 mm
- Water and dirt repellent
- Quickly walkable
- Quick cure

Indoor and outdoor.

Area of ​​use

Used on floors and walls for tiling plates, tiles and mosaics of porcelain, tiles, stone slabs, granite ceramics and ceramics, and moisture resistant natural stone and concrete slabs as well as for tiled clad facades and walls of glass concrete.

Especially suitable for granite ceramics on balconies and terraces.


mixing ratio Always mix in a clean container with cold clean water.
consistency Smooth, paste-like
Consumables about 0,35 kg / m² at plates 15 x 15 mm
Working time about 30 minutes (20 ° C)
walkable about 90 minutes (20 ° C)

More information


Cement gray 12,5kg, Gray 12,5 kg


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