For Carrara marble.

30x40x1 cm stone 3mm joint 0.3 kg / sqm
20x10x1 cm stone 3 mm joint 0.7 kg / sqm

Mosaic 0,25 kg / sqm

Product Description

- No discoloration of light marble
- No discoloration of moisture sensitive marble
- Quickly loadable
- High filling capacity
- Do not repair plates made of natural stone
- For joint width 0-8 mm.
- Available in the colors: Brilliant white, Silver gray, Jurabeige, Anthracite, Sand beige, Stengrå

Only indoors.

Area of ​​use

ARDEX MG is a fast-curing and self-wiping joint used for joining plates where there is a risk of discoloration of the plates, such as jam marble, crystalline marble, solnhoffs plates glass and natural stone.


mixing ratio Pour clean, cold water into a mixing vessel and add the powder with stirring.
consistency Smooth, paste-like.
Consumables Approx. 0,3 kg / m2 at plates 15 × 30 cm.
Working time About 30 min at 20 ° C.
walkable After about 1½ hours.

More information


Silver gray 5kg, Brilliant white 5 kg


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