Fix for our bright stones Carrara marble and finely ground cream

about 1,9 kg / m² powder at comb size 6x6x6
The calculations are very individual depending on how much the craftsman wants to put in and should be seen as a recommendation. The calculation even requires the basis.

Product Description

- Fiber reinforced cement-based white fastening compound
- With ARDURAPID effect that ensures fast drying
- Prevents discoloration and deposits on natural stones, etc.
- To floor and wall
- Walking and joining after approximately 2 hours
- Operating thickness 2-15 mm

Only indoors.

Area of ​​use

For setting and laying of bright and translucent natural stone tiles eg. marble and other natural stone with translucent character.

Prevent discoloration and precipitation when laying natural stone, cement and terracotta tiles when using thin layer or interlayer method.

For laying granite ceramic and stoneware plates. For laying of tiles and tiles on substrates such as concrete and masonry (at least 3 months). Suitable for concrete floors with underfloor heating.

Technical data

consistency smooth, plastic
Consumables For smooth surfaces with square toothbrush
about 1,4 kg / m² powder at comb size 4x4x4
about 1,9 kg / m² powder at comb size 6x6x6
Working time About 45-60 min at 20 ° C.
bedtime About 30 min at 20 ° C.
Fitting (floor) Approx. 2 hr at 20 ° C.
Fitting (wall) Approx. 2 hr at 20 ° C.


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