Bali Metro Sot 20 × 10 cm. A different metro plate of cement. Handmade and perfect operating flaw. No plate exactly the same as the other. The metro plate is just for wall.

Unique pigments and a very special cement mix that are finer than marble cross gives these tiles a completely unique surface. Len as velvet. Each plate is ground by hand. At our little factory in Bali, it is truly craftsmanship of the highest grade.

When these plates are handmade, the thickness varies. As always, when it is completely handmade.

This plate requires cleaning with good soap and placement with ARDEX fix and joint.

Small cracks can be found or appear on the plate after laying. These, however, do not have the function to do. We do not recommend inserting the plate IN the shower on the floor, so often cleaning with other means than soap must be used there.

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