Portaits. This is no ordinary wallpaper, but the English word "wallpaper" is much better suited for Stiltje's historic, patinated wall decorations. With the help of special techniques, this is as close to the feeling of a traditional mural as we can come. Worn, faded by time and hand painted on paper is the feeling in these decorations. The only thing they have in common with regular wallpaper is that you attach the decoration with wallpaper paste. The designs are adapted to your wall dimensions and your wishes. Whether you fill an entire wall with the design, or you want a smaller size to decorate only part of your wall, you are welcome to us with your inquiry.

Wash with dry methods.

In the web shop you can order samples of the wallpaper. Delivery time 0-3 v. When ordering other than sample contact the store or email so we help you with calculations. The motifs can to some extent be adapted to the wall, but the shape of the motif must largely be preserved. Repetition of motifs can take place at larger walls.

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