Castle dark oak plank floor, selected oak floor where every plank is hand-made and unique. Castle dark is a classic deep brown floor. The plank has knots, irregularities and marks after the hand that created them. Our wooden floors are of French oak processed by some of the world's premier wood craftsmen. These wooden floors differ from the wooden floors of the big chains and we have handpicked them to suit our other products in style and quality. We have been compromised that the floors will fit underfloor heating but it does not appear on the surface. The plank is sturdy 21 mm thick Top layer of oak is 6 mm thick and under this 15 mm is a specially manufactured material by our manufacturer to increase the stability of wood. Nature can get a little help on the trains one can say to suit our modern living environment. We also save on the unique wood material that is used as a top, and no one can imagine that this technology is hidden under this layer.

Castle dark has a lacquered surface (despite its rugged look) and we recommend handling with LOBA CLEANER.

Please read our instructions on wooden floors carefully.

Length 2,2 M Width 22 cm Thickness 21 mm

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