Style Twilight Shaved Slate has a gray black base with elements of yellow and red and sometimes a little green. Different plates can differ a lot from each other and some have a lot of color other little. Different shipments of the stone also differ from each other. Please contact us to find out how the stone we have stocked right now looks.

Slate is a very durable rock and you can be a bit tougher against this than against limestone. Suitable for kitchen, bathroom, laundry and other rooms with high wear and tear. The slate is calibrated around 12 mm, but as it is a slate, it is clear that the plates differ slightly in thickness.

The stone must be treated with STAIN STOP and SLATE SEAL to be durable and have a beautiful color.

To this rock, our recommendation is ARDEX Basalt or Cement Gray Fog. Note that this is only a recommendation and the customer must always choose the color of the paint itself.

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40 × 20 cm, 40 × 40 cm, Sample 10 × 10 cm