Leaf slate is a true slate mounted on fiberglass. It is only a few millimeters thin and only mounted on the wall. It is slightly flexible and can be used in many creative ways. We do not recommend it on surfaces where water is constantly flowing or surfaces with severe wear. For example, on these surfaces, the leaf shavings can be covered with a glass slab for easier cleaning.

Autumn sea leaf shale has a large variation between the different flakes and the one shown on the website or in store can only be seen as an example. Look at the floor plate HÖSTHAV to see more of the variation. In the pictures, all leaf shades are treated with STAIN STOP and SLATE SEAL to get the most beautiful color and for easy care.

We do not sort flakes! When ordering, one must be prepared for the different varieties of different types. It looks like a stone wall with different blocks. Therefore, we do not ship samples of this product.

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60 60 cm ×, 120 60 cm ×