Limestone castle. Mixed colors between gray-brown graphite. The stone is carved and worked to look as much as an old castle floor as it goes. In the past, it was taken as it became and that's exactly what's beautiful with this floor. no floor will be the other equal. Beautiful irregularities in the surface. Each stone is unique, more or less worked depending on how soft or hard that stone was. This floor SHALL vary a lot and we never sort or receive returns of the stone that you do not think fit.

The stone can be used in bathrooms but not in the shower. The stone fits well with underfloor heating.
Sample is difficult with this stone but we send one between the colors and ask you to look at the pictures and the sample to get an idea of ​​the stone.

The stone can be treated in different ways after tiling. We recommend STAIN STOP in the kitchen and bathroom. The stone can also be waxed for a more shiny and darker surface with COBBLE VAX or POLISH.

To this stone, our recommendation ARDEX Cement is gray. Note that this is only a recommendation and the customer must always choose the color of the paint itself.

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60x40x2 cm, 40x40x2 cm, 20x20x2 cm, 10 x10 x1 cm, 60x60x2 cm, Roman Pattern, Provbit 10 × 10 cm