Limestone French Gray, every stone is worked by hand. Both edges and surfaces are machined so that each stone is unique. The color between the plates varies between browngray and nougat. The width 61 cm and falling lengths make this floor one of the most exclusive floors.

The stone varies very beautifully in color with a variation that manually picked out to give the best possible flooring. It is very difficult to show in this showroom this unique floor that has such large tiles. We show here examples of how the plates can differ in color and texture so you are aware that this variation is included in the floor. However, the base of the floor is more or less homogeneously colored bronze-nougat plates. When we pack the floor we take as it is after the planned layout and if you order a smaller amount, not all of the stones will be represented.

This stone has small cavities on some tiles. These can be filled with the joint if they are bigger and the less we usually let them be.

We recommend that this stone be treated with STAIN STOP.

To this rock, our recommendation is ARDEX Cement Gray Fog. Note that this is only a recommendation and the customer must always choose the color of the paint itself.


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French Gray sqm, Test French Gray 10 × 10 cm