Limestone Unique Dark, each stone is made by hand. Both edges and surface are machined so that each stone is just UNIQUE. Used by our most demanding interior designers and projects. Can be seen, for example, at Hotel D'angleterre's award-winning Champagne restaurant in Copenhagen, created by SPACE Copenhagen's architects and designers.

We recommend that this stone be treated with POLISH CREAM

If it is for bathrooms you should have the stone, then we recommend you read THIS documents to know if it suits you. This is a dark stone and one of the hardest ones right in the shower (although I have them right there because it is my absolute favorite)

We have tried out the fix and joint that works with our stones and all other products are used at our own risk.

To this rock, our recommendation is ARDEX Basalt or Cement Gray Fog. Note that this is only a recommendation and the customer must always choose the color of the paint itself.



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