Moss handmade tile. When nature gets to decide.The most beautiful of the tiles. Handmade and hand glazed in wonderful colors. Each tile plate is unique in its glaze and shape. No plate is quite the other equal. Straight edges . Not completely regular in shape and must be mounted with small joint. Crème de la Crème kakel a la Stiltje.

These tiles can be manufactured for floors. The minimum amount is then 5 sqm.

This tile is completely handmade and the color varies slightly between different deliveries. Your sample may not look exactly like the plates that are then delivered and we advise you not to choose the other materials and colors completely after a sample plate. Some colors and sizes we have in stock and know exactly color on. Please contact us for information on this.

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10 × 10 sqm, Rhomb, Laterna, 5 × 5 mosaic, sample plate, 15 × 15


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