Handmade floor tile 12x25x2,2 cm we have designed to get a floor tile like a tiled brick without having to build it so much and make it easier to work with. The surface will also be better to handle than if you are splitting a regular brick. Even nice to the wall.

Stylish Spanish floor tiles are very hard and durable. You can choose which page you want to go up. We call the page that has been down in the form the "rough" page. On the "nice" side you can see traces of the hand as the processed plate. Surface treatment with linseed oil and wax gives you a surface that is both beautiful and practical to live with.

The tile floor is delivered untreated and is much brighter than the pictures. After linseed oil and waxing, the true color comes forth. However, the color may vary between different parts as there are different burns. The tile can be more or less yellow and this is normal for these handmade products.

The brick is treated with LINSEED-OIL and Multiseal

We do not recommend tile flooring in the shower. In the other bathroom it works fine.

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12x25x2,2 cm, sample 10x10x1 cm