Reclaimed 13 sizes pattern. Selected boulders from different parts of the world combined in one and the same floor. Several different types of stone that harmonize in a completely unique way with each other to create the feeling of a really old worn floor. Each stone is worked by hand. Both edges and surface are machined so that each stone is unique. The stone may have smaller cavities that can be filled with joints or as we have chosen to leave them. The color between the tiles varies and each floor becomes unique. We do not sort stone by color, but each customer receives a mix of the colors and stone types that are included.

The floor consists of 13 different sizes of stone where the largest is 81,5x 56,5. each "kit" is 4 sqm and this floor is therefore sold in sqm divisible by 4 with a minimum purchase of 8 sqm (ie 8, 12,16,20 sqm, etc.)

This floor is impossible to look at a sample how beautiful it is and we therefore choose not to send samples on this particular stone.

If it is for bathrooms you should have the stone, then we recommend you read THIS documents to know if it suits you.

We recommend surface treatment with STAIN STOP

For this stone, our recommendation is ARDEX Cement Gray Joint or Pergamon (in our stores we have Pergamon Joint). Note that this is only a recommendation and the customer must always choose the joint color himself. We have tried out the fix and joint that works with our stones and all other products are used at our own risk.