Reclaimed Hexagon Pastel. Size 15 x about 2 cm. We have finally found an Antique brick that we can receive regular deliveries of. Absolutely wonderful feeling, the plates are sometimes soft as velvet and absolutely wonderful to go on. Available in the colors Classic Red, Pastel and Mix. The plates are the same size from side to side and can be loaded with small joints but they have flaws and can vary slightly in thickness, so they have to be laid in more. The plates are made of antique bricks and have flaws and irregularities, but that's exactly what makes them so hugely beautiful.
Reclaimed MIX is a mixture of different colors, giving a unique flooring. The most beautiful brick we have ever seen.

Samples of this floor are very difficult and we therefore sell a "sample mix" consisting of putty pieces (about 7 × 7 cm) of 4 colors that are part of the floor to get a fair picture.

The tile floor is delivered untreated and is much brighter than the pictures. After linseed oil and waxing, the true color comes forth. The color may vary slightly between different parts.

The brick is treated with LINSEED-OIL and Linseed oil

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Hexagon, Sample Pastell