Rhomb Dark Blue mix 10,5 cm. Completed mix of rubbers with matte and smooth surface mixed. Each individual color can also be purchased separately, contact a store or email us for this. The Romans can be mounted in many different patterns. These are completely handmade products and the variation is great in both color and structure between different plates and different deliveries. Each tile plate has its own history.

Clay, water, fire and air are the four natural elements that, with the help of human hands, create this unique Italian brick and tile. Each plate is the result of the perfect combination of ancient crafts traditions and modern design. The close relationship between designers and craftsmen allows the production to be done according to old techniques and today 100% organic. Natural clays are handmade and the first burning is done in traditional furnaces with woods collected in the woods. The second burn is done in an electric oven powered by solar energy. All glazes and colors are made of natural oxides / pigments.

The thickness is 1,5 cm

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