Terazzo Nero has a matte, almost dark graphite gray base and a black marble cross. The Terazzo Terazzo is finely grated and is quite matte and we like elegant surfaces. Stiltjes Terazzo is produced at one of Italy's oldest and foremost Terazzo manufacturers. Whole pieces of marble are pressed with marble powder and cement in the form of presses. Occasionally the base mixture is uncoloured and sometimes natural oxides are added to color the bottom color. When the Terazzon is handmade and natural stones and natural pigments, the different plates differ. No plate is the other equal. just as we want it. Different batches of Terazzo with the same color may also differ slightly.

Terazzone is not treated and treated during placement with STAIN STOP. Read the product instruction instructions. We recommend 2-3 mm joint between the plates. Adding them closer, cracking can occur if the substrate moves.

We recommend two layers of Lithofin Stainstop MN before joining. Stainstop MN is a matte finish that does not affect your color. For halls and kitchens we recommend the addition of Lithofin Multiseal. This product gives the plates a sizing lance, and helps to keep the plates easier to clean.
For regular maintenance, we recommend Lithofin Easy-care. For stubborn stains, use Lithofin Power Clean diluted 1: 5 and scrub with white disk sponge. This process may need to be repeated several times.


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40x40x2, 60x60x1,7, PROV


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