Tumbled Soft Gray is a limestone in the color Soft Gray. The tumbeling causes the stone to have soft edges and beautiful irregularities in the surface. This has been achieved by removing the softness of the stone from other materials. Each stone is therefore unique, more or less tumbling depending on how soft that stone was.

Soft Gray is a soft gray color with more or less elements of brown.

The floor looks very different if it is only untreated or treated with STAIN STOP or if you wax it, look at our product pictures and you will see the difference! Stain stop does not change the color while Stain stop + Cobble wax darkens the floor.

If it is for bathrooms you should have the stone, then we recommend you read THIS documents to know if it suits you.

We recommend surface treatment with STAIN STOP

For this stone is our recommendation ARDEX Cement gray grout. Please note that this is only a recommendation and the customer must always choose the joint color. We have tried out the fix and joint that works with our stones and all other products are used at our own risk.



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60x40x1,5 cm, 40x40x1,5 cm, 20x20x1,5 cm, Roman Pattern, 10x10x1,5 cm, Sample piece 10 × 10 cm