Our finishes come from the German company Loba. We think these are the best in the market and you can see under each floor product what surface treatments we recommend for your floor.

V6 finish is a polyutherane cover that forms a surface layer on the floor that protects against lighter marks and makes the floor more resistant to moisture. Provides a shelter for freshly laid floors and freshen up old floors. Available in SATIN and MATT finish.

APPLICATION: The floor is cleaned with dry methods such as vacuuming or dry mop and then if necessary with LOBA CLEANER. When the floor is clean and dry, apply the LOBA V6 with a flat mop calculate 1 liter to approximately 25 sqm. The product is used undiluted. The floor can be re-run after 1-2 hours. Full protection is achieved after 12 hours.

We recommend that the treatment be carried out before use and after use. in between, the floor should be treated with as dry methods as possible and when mopering with LOBA CLEANER

pH 8,4
Content: water, polymers, water soluble solvents, wax
Storage: Up to 24 months

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