Gray Gray 117 Tadelakt effect from Stiltje is an easy-to-use Tadelakt. The image shows the color in Calcium color as we can not make all colors as whole Tadelakt samples

Stiltjes tadelakt is a modern method of creating the ancient, traditional surface that has been used in the Middle East for the 100's years to prevent water and moisture. It is Tadelakt as you see in many of the Turkish baths. Used instead of tiles in bathrooms, like decorative walls or maybe in the kitchen above the sink. It consists of two putty layers that are as strong as the ten layers of the older method and a surface layer of beeswax.
In wet rooms, we always recommend that wet room's skilled craftsmen perform Tadelakten. Please contact us for tips on skilled craftsmen in your area.

Tadelakt technology makes the color difference between different craftsmen performing the job and our colors give guidance on the results. Often the finisher becomes LJUSARE than the color samples here and only the darkest parties in Tadelakten as the color sample. This depends on how hard pressure applies the Tadelakten.

Our tadelacts are hand blended so the color can vary slightly between different jars and different shipment. We recommend that you get several different jars, so you mix them in a larger range.

NOTE that Tadelakt and Kalkputs are BASIC and dangerous to get into the eyes and on the skin for longer contact. Wash hands quickly and carefully. All dilution and brush cleaning are done with plain water. Wear gloves and wear protective goggles. If you get Tadelakt or Kalkputs in your eyes, rinse thoroughly and contact your healthcare center.

YTA Basic color Kalkputs Tadelakt Olive soap

Kit 1 sqm 1 dl 1kg 1 kg 1dl

Kit 8 sq. 1 kg 8,25kg 5 kg 1st

Kit 16 sq. 2 kg 16.5 kg 10 kg 1st

Kit 25 sq. 3 kg 25 kg 15 kg 2st

1kg Plot to 12 sqm
1kg Kalkputs / 1 sqm
1kg Tadelakt / 2-3 sqm
1kg Olive Soap / 15 sqm

We recommend working with ours ROSTFRIA POLERSKIVA

See instructions under "ABOUT STILL" FACTS

PLEASE NOTE! The color differs from different monitors. We have developed an approximate NCS color, but since the color of the color differs in color between different strokes and different painting techniques, and our colors are hand blended, this can only be seen as a guideline for shading. Even the ordered sample can differ slightly from the shipped the color because of this. Different surfaces also affect this color of the calcareous color.

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