Waxed Sage Green, hand smoothed. Handmade brick with waxed surface. The brick is colored with natural waxes that are applied by hand to each tile. The waxed surface is not as hard as a glazed brick, but for all colors there is a "wax and stain repair kit" so that any damage can be corrected and the floor thus stays beautiful for a long, long time. This completely handmade brick has an antique feel with uneven edges and irregularities in the surface that were added during the manufacturing process. No two plates are exactly alike.

The surfaces are available as "hand smoothed" and "vintage". Hand smoothed gives a softly rounded finish where the features of the spatula that pulls off the clay are clearly visible. Vintage has a coarser surface more rustic where cavities can occur. The floor is finished when it comes and requires only a light waxing to get back its luster the last thing you do before you move into the floor. These pre-waxed floors thus mean that you earn several layers of surface treatment for our untreated brick floors.

Waxed Sage Green is not for heavy traffic areas. Requires waxing regularly



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20 × 20, 20 × 10, 7 × 30, Hexagon, 10 × 10, prov


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