Zellige Pistage. For Stiltjes Zellige Collection we have taken out the most beautiful colors and the best "tile artists" to create our collection. The mosaic or tile is completely handmade according to traditional Moroccan methods and varies in color and structure. The mosaic 5 × 5 comes on finished sheets of size 20 × 20 cm, the thickness of the flake varies but count 1,5-2 cm for the set. The tile 10 × 10 cm comes as loose tiles. The plates have cut edges and there are chips from the glaze. The plates are very uneven and the edges are NOT straight. We go through each plate we send and injuries and irregularities like this do NOT cause any complaints. It is the natural charm of Zellige that does not go (and we do not want to).

We have some stock and the delivery time is about 12 weeks.

10 × 10 cm 2100kr / sqm
5 × 5 cm 2500kr / sqm

Test on color 80 kr including shipping

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5 × 5 cm, 10x10cm, Orient mosaic, Tiles color sample


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