Quality Description

Quality description of our products.


Our products are all hand made or made of natural materials and the variation in color and texture is natural. Variation between different lots and deliveries is part of the products. We try to showcase our products in showroom and pictures, but when it's natural products, it's important that you as a customer are aware that there are variations between different parties and broadcasts. The stone is a finite product and different stone blocks have different characteristics. We see this as the charm of our products. Each interior is unique.

Never choose color on your interior before you have just your Stylish material in place.


Stone is a natural product and color and texture can vary between different plates. On the tumbled and antique treated floors this is the meaning and the variations between different plates can be large. We at Stiltje never sort the floors but do you want a customer to have a certain limit in variety, we can help you in choosing a product or that you choose to buy for extra quantity of sqm to sort yourself. Note that no plates are taken in return.

The tumbled and antique treated floors may also vary in thickness depending on the manufacturing process and the specified thickness may vary +/- 4 mm.

The fine-grid floors vary in color between different shipment. Make sure you have a sample of the shipment that is available for delivery. Stylish stone has no bevelled edges as we think it is more beautiful and provides narrower joints. However, this means that there are small gaps in the edges.


Variation in color strokes is natural here. We at Stiltje never sort the floors but do you want a customer to have a certain limit in variety, we can help you in choosing a product or that you choose to buy for extra quantity of sqm to sort yourself. Note that no plates are taken in return.

Slate is by nature a rock that, when broken, varies in thickness. Our sanded skirts are calibrated around 12 mm but variation in thickness is natural. The plates can also have edges and small nails in the plate, which is natural for the slate. The split skiffs are also calibrated around 12mm, but vary in thickness and should be laid in more. Here we use the wider joint (we recommend 10 mm) to smooth off variations in height between the plates.

We kindly ask you to look at our pictures on the respective skiffs to get a picture of its nature so you will not be disappointed when the stone comes home.

The split skirts can have loose tiles, these usually go away in handling, but if there is anything left after joining, we recommend removing these with a hard brush or similar before final finishing.


The handmade tile floors vary slightly in color between different burns. Reclaimed floors vary in color between different plates and the handles vary in color within the plate.

Reclaimed tile floor can vary in size quite a lot between different tiles. We recommend for these at least 10 mm joints. Reclaimed is made of old recycled brick and there are also edges on the edges and pits some of the plates, residues of cement can be found on the back of the plate .. We think this is part of the charm and the floors are very beautiful when they are laid .

The handmade tile floors are better calibrated and without this "natural" charm. We recommend for these at least 6 mm joints.

A Mano brick is fully handmade and hand-burned. The variation between different parties and the INOM party in color can be large. This brick has a lot of "defects" and nibbles. The brick should be so.


Handmade and the pigments are hand-mixed. Variations in color occur within a batch but first and foremost between different batches. It is very important to order the correct amount of flooring when ordering. In addition, there will be different lots and the variation in color can be quite large.

It is not advisable to choose colors for interior decoration based on a test plate, as the tone of the floor that is then delivered may differ from that. We recommend that you wait until you have the floor in place.

Thin cuts can be found in the plate but are harmless when the floor is in place. There is movement between the layers or in the underlying plate that creates these cracks.

Salta flakes are found but sanded with fine sandpaper.


All our colors are blended by hand with pigment and variation occurring. If you have many small jars of the same color, we recommend that you mix them together if possible. Otherwise try not to change the jar in the middle of a wall. Differences may occur between the sample patch you received and the final painting when the sample is painted because of this.

The final color of the Kalk color also depends on the substrate and technology. Before you paint the entire room makes a test area to be absolutely sure that you are satisfied with the result. The color is significantly darker in the can and before it dries than the final color.

Tadelakt varies a lot depending on who does the job. Also make a sample slice on the board to make sure you are satisfied before you start the whole room. Please send us a picture to discuss the results of the test before the whole room begins.


Stylish tiles are more or less handmade and the color always varies between different shipments. Never choose color on your interior before you just have your tiles in place. Our Original tiles have more or less cracking in the surface, and cracking can also occur after molding. This is because the icicle's glaze is so thick and something that is natural for these products.

Please read our assembly instructions for tiles prior to assembly.


has a very fine-grained surface that is sensitive to movement in the material and the cement is to be set with ARDEX X32. This plate also has natural hairline cracks in itself that are normal for the floor. Hard crevices can also occur after laying on motion in the material. Read the instructions carefully before placing this plate.

Style The cement varies in thickness between different tiles depending on the fabrication and can be +/- 4 mm


Zellige plates are very uneven in both size and equality. The tile is cut and tiles are often missing. The tile should be in this way and it is NOT the reason for complaint. We do NOT take in return individual plates only whole parties. Zellige is to be laid with thin joints and becomes a bit uneven but beautiful. Look at the website how the results look like on a whole wall. In the store we have chosen a narrow joint. This floor is impossible to get even in the layout and it is also not meant. Added to ARDEX X32.